to the new world of automobile refueling

Energifyworld creates value for owners of electric vehicles by providing infrastructure of charging stations. In addition, we install solar panels at residences and businesses to offset additional electricity demanded by EVs.

We would love to see a world where people drive high performance cars powered by clean energy sources and lead a healthy and productive life.

The Problem

The forecast is grim and time is running out. The global cost of climate change could go up to $9 trillion ever year (world GDP is about $61 trillion) and there is only a small window of 10 to 15 years to act. The reality has surpassed the already alarming forecasts of climate change.

Equally worse is the fact that most of this environmental damage is caused at the cost of fast depleting petroleum reserves.

Fortunately in the automobile industry a consensus has risen. Most of the automakers agree that the cars of the future will drive on electricity. We understand that for electric cars to be popular, consumers need charging stations. Feedback from the automotive industry and consumers suggest that the most important need for the E.V. industry today is refueling infrastructure.

Our Solution

We design, manufacture and install state-of-the art charge stations at residences, offices, city parking spots and retail locations. At residences and offices we generate revenue through equipment sales to consumers and employers.

At city owned public parking spots we charge the user for electricity on a usage basis. For retail locations, the charge stations are completely free to Electric Vehicle owners. We offset this cost by providing promotional services to partner retailers who pay us a fraction of their profit from the customers we help bring to their location.

To balance the pressure exerted by E.Vs on the grid, we install solar panels at residences and business locations. These consumers enjoy free installation and electricity at rates lower than what they pay to utility companies.

Time to make progress in this Technology World

With advanced and cutting-edge technology, you'll get the best service from us. Guaranteed.

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