Interactive Software

Consumer Software Interface at CRU features the following:

  • Customer authentication and transaction at the charge tower
  • The customer can choose to charge the Battery based on miles or time
  • Customer can view the Battery State of Charge Monitoring and recording
  • The interface allows the customer to print reports
  • The charge tower control System Software allows Operational Safety as well as product and network security
  • The Energifyworld Mobile Application Tracks vehicle charging status and comes with a preloaded with dynamic map of charging towers across cities and their real-time availability.
  • The EV owner can pre-book a station from a remote location using his smart phone and make payments.

Get Access to the Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Station Networks

Energifyworld is the world's leading electric vehicle charging network service provider for many reasons- We're the most technologically advanced smart network with custom charging solutions for any business. We connect EV drivers to more than 20,000 charging spots with real-time station availability status.

We work closely with leading EV manufacturers to connect drivers to our network through phone apps and navigation systems.

Energifyworld's commitment to Open Standards

The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

OCPP is an open communication standard that allows charging stations and central systems from different vendors to easily communicate with each other.

We strongly believe that open networks mean a better experience for everyone who's building or using today's electric vehicle ecosystem.ChargePoint is a longtime supporter of OCPP, and we're committed to building solutions that work with open standards for electric vehicle charging.

Our network is OCPP-compliant, and we're the world's largest network using OCPP. In part, that's why our network is the most feature-rich and reliable electric vehicle charging network available today.

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