Automaker Partnerships

UEC is currently in talks with major global automakers looking to represent line of vehicles for a few major and smaller automakers. Automakers benefits in a partnership with UEC are listed below:

  • Free charging infrastructure for EV/PHEV owners for vehicle refueling can fuel rapid growth of EV market.
  • Ubiquitous charging stations will eliminate charge anxiety for EV/PHEV owners
  • Centrally managed charging network will help easy planning
  • High level of service and regular maintenance will ensure safety and reliability
  • CRU installations at apartment locations will help expand the market to apartment owners with no charging facility currently

Partner Utility companies in CA

Currently; in the US consumers can sell power generated from solar to their respective service utility companies up to a maximum of their usage to reduce their electricity bills. In other words their bill can go to zero if they sell as much as power generated from solar as they use from the utility power grid. But the utility company is not going to be paying them back if they generate more than they use. However carry forward of kWh credit for a maximum of 1 year is allowed if they generate more in solar than they consumer from the utility power grid in a particular month.

Consumers who install solar panels at their residences from UEC have Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with UEC. Under this agreement they purchase power generated from solar panels at $0.12/kWh for 25 years. Essentially their kWh rates are locked for 25 years and will not increase unlike utility electricity bills. In addition they do not pay any charges for installation of solar panels and get access to free charging of their EV/PHEV at any of UEC's charging infrastructure. Under the UEC PPA consumers will pay to UEC for two components of the solar power: 1. solar power they consume for their home usage; 2. solar power they are able to sell to the utility company over their consumption from the utility grid. UEC limits the size of solar panels at residences such that the consumer generates from solar what they consume from the utility grid. This makes their meters read zero and they do not owe to the utility company. They pay the usage charge to UEC. Alternatively, UEC can also collect the usage charge from the utility company. UEC intends to work with the listed Utility companies in the state of CA.

Sourcing Vendors

UEC is evaluating the following vendors for its infrastructure and other business requirements. Following table shows vendors currently under evaluation.

Entity Vendors
CRU 1.Semi-net
2.Utility companies
Solar 1. FirstSolar
2. SunPower
3. Solyndra
4. Akeena Solar
S/W Solutions 1. Infosys
2. TCS
3. IBM
4. Capgemini
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