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Our Charge Station

The Charge Replenishment Unit (CRU) would service all electric vehicles with Li-ion batteries with the specific voltage rating. ‚ÄčThe CRU system comprises of multiple plug-point that can be accessed by as many as 6 vehicles at the same time depending on the design and layout. CRUs are equipped with hardware for wireless network communication and secure transaction/customer authentication.

Our Software Interface

The software interface comes loaded with dynamic map of charging stations across cities and their real-time availability. The EV owner can pre-book a station from a remote location using his smart phone and make payments. At the point of sale the user can lock the charging station to charge his car for a specific period of time or amount in dollars or a percentage of battery capacity.

Our Solar Power

In addition to the large number of automobiles on today's roads, electricity generation is a major contributor to green house gas (GHG) emissions. Electricity generation alone makes up 33% of the total GHGs emitted in US. While going electric vehicle is a big step in reducing emissions, producing electricity from solar energy to charge EV battery packs would be an added perk.

The total cost of installation per home averages at $10,250. Installation is free for consumers who buy power from us at rates guaranteed to be lower than their current utility rates

Our Battery Swap Units

Electric Vehicles use a battery pack which is pre-charged and can power the electric motor to run the vehicle. The major hurdle is the difficulty to match the performance of the battery pack in terms of capacity and re-charging ease to a gasoline engine vehicle. The batteries packs of 53kWh capacity typically take 6-8 hrs of charge and run a midsize car for 200 miles. In this scenario, battery replacement (exchange the discharged one with charged one) if done quick and easy can be a big time saver. Our battery replacement system handles battery packs of different size and shape and is completely automated. Building an infrastructure with these automated systems provides a viable solution for the electric vehicles.

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