Solar Panel

Apart from the humongous number of automobiles on today's roads, electricity generation is one of the main contributors to the global green house emissions. In 2007, US generated 7282 MT of GHGs of which, power sector conversion to electricity amounted to 2433 MT of GHGs. This is approximately 33% of the total GHGs produced in the US in a year. The government has accepted that it is high time to make a change and has been encouraging usage of clean renewable energy sources for electricity production. We at Energifyworld trust in building a cleaner and healthier planet for the future and believe that it is achievable with persistence and proper vision. While building infrastructure to advance the Electric vehicle market is a big step in reducing the emissions from the automobiles, producing electricity from solar energy to charge the battery packs would also add its own contribution.

Solar energy at present is a small component of renewable energy source contributing to the total energy requirement, but is steadily becoming an important player because of its abundance everywhere. The technology has been making huge strides in cutting the $/W to more comparable levels with the other energy sources.

Energifyworld estimates that the average area of solar installation at each consumer residence for covering the daily energy requirements is approximately 25 sq. m. About 75% of this area effectively generates solar power. Calculations show that each consumer will generate about 18.5kW/day at a solar panel efficiency of 15%. The average solar panel installation size at each consumer residence is approximately 2.8 kW.

The cost of installation (includes solar panel cost and installation cost) is considered to be $4.0/peak W. The total cost of installation for each consumer home would be $11,250. Installation is free for consumers who agree to buy power from Energifyworld under a 20 year Power Purchase Agreement at rates which will be lower than their current utility rates.

Insolation 1000 w/m2
% Eff 15.00%
Energy/m2 150 w/m2
No. of Hrs 5.5 hrs
Energy Captured in a Day/m2 0.825 kWh/m2/day
Area 25 m2
Area % 75.00%
Eff Area 18.75 m2
Energy Captured in a Day/m2 15.46875 kWh/day
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